in the Age of

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Technology Innovation, Pandemics and our Future
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About the authors

Michael Baxter is a technology and economics writer with an entrepreneurial background.

Julien de Salaberry is an entrepreneur, CEO, digital health thought-leader and investor.

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What's inside

Strap yourself in; technology is going to change the world. The current political and economic turmoil is nothing compared to what the next two decades will bring.

Before there was Covid-19, it was as if humanity was heading towards two doors.  Behind one door stood the opportunity to create the nearest thing to utopia that has ever existed. Behind the other was a path paved with the threat of growing inequality, eroding privacy, the return of fascism, conflict and then, at the end, stood dystopia.


The great pandemic of 2020 has pushed us much closer to both of these doors.  


Why is this? Because technology is mutating. Thanks to Covid-19, the transformation will accelerate. Extraordinary change will follow, but nothing in our evolution has prepared us.


The consequences are terrifying. They are also wonderful.


We can emerge from the technology shift that is occurring triumphant, basking in the glory that is human civilisation. We can enjoy a kind of utopia, but we risk descending into a totalitarian nightmare. 


Living in the Age of the Jerk is a book about a unique opportunity; it is a book about danger.


If you want to see opportunity triumph over defeat, hope over despair, then join the debate.


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Lawrence Gosling,

Editorial Director, Bohill Group and regular commentator on UK TV

The book achieves something very rare for one on technology -- it is both thought-provoking and informative while providing a wonderful historical perspective about an era of rapid change which has its roots back centuries, in some cases


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