JLEN embraces ESG

JLEN an environmental infrastructure investment fund has changed its investment policy to embrace ESG further.

JLEN is an environmental infrastructure investment fund with a market cap of £647.9 million.

The group has revealed plans to embrace ESG further, focusing on Battery storage, vertical farms and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

It said: "The proposed changes to the Company's investment policy seek to reflect the growth of the environmental infrastructure market during the period since the Company's IPO and the expected continued development of that market in the future.

"The definition of 'environmental infrastructure' for these purposes would be expanded to include a wider pool of prospective investment, including infrastructure assets, projects and asset-backed businesses that utilise natural or waste resources or support more environmentally friendly approaches to economic activity, support the transition to a low carbon economy or which mitigate the effects of climate change."

Areas it will focus on include:

Battery storage projects;

Businesses which provide support services to core environmental infrastructure projects;

Low carbon agriculture, including vertical farming assets;

Connecting infrastructure such as district heating and other core infrastructure used by environmental assets;

Agriculture/bioenergy supply chain businesses serving anaerobic digestion plants and other bioenergy technologies which rely heavily on the upstream feedstock supply chain; and

Low carbon transport infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure.